The Advance Motor Manufacturing Company Ltd

The Advance Motor Manufacturing Co. Ltd was based in Northampton. They produced motorcycles, tri-cars and fore-cars. In addition they manufactured their own air and water-cooled engines, producing everything in-house with the exception of the cast cylinders. They seemed to be a pioneering company of the time. They had a number of patents to their name for such things as their adjustable belt fastener.

Postcard showing Scott's motorised sledge.

Advance also supplied engines to various leading edge projects such as Scott's motorised sledges trialled in Norway, Handley Page's Blue Bird monoplane and the Oakington monoplane built by Grose & Feary.

As well as producing their own products, Advance were district agents for 'Kerry Cars' and dealers for Brown & Barlow carburettors.

Among the many customers of Advance motorcycles was Reverend Basil H Davies a motorcycle journalist who wrote under the name of Ixion. Other owners were Murial Hind who became Mrs Lord and Mrs Kennard, author and pioneer driver & rider.

Ixion with his wife and Advance motorcycle & sidecar.

The Zenith Gradua Gear was manufactured by Advance, this stayed in production from 1907 until 1923. Advance also produced the engines for Duzmo motorcycles of Enfield, from 1921 to 1922. As well as supplying the motorcycle industry, Advance also supplied stationary engines for driving agricultural machinery.

Advance also had a sister company, Standard Valves Ltd which specialised in manufacturing and supplying valves to the motor industry.

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